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About Liyuan

Being an enterprise with strong strength, the Hefei Liyu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd has taken the technology as dynamic force, regarded the quality as fundament and developed continuously now many new technologies and products through their constant efforts.

This company has passed the certification of state high and new technological enterprise.
The latest independent scientific research achievements
The appearance of Liyuan servo engraving machine, HGVS Series
Always climbing to the highest peak Launch the Liyuan Brand HGV Series engraving machine with large size of 1.2M * 2.4M
New style of GV6080 and GV5060 Adopting new technology in production, the products have higher performance price ratio and more market competitive power.
The First New Dynamic State of Hefei Liyu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd in 2004
The Second New Dynamic State of Hefei Liyu CNC Equipment Co., Ltd in 2004
With the policy of taking scale to promote benefit, the second phase project of Liyuan workshop has completed (picture transmission)
View of Liyuan Factory



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