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The three-dimensional engraving machine can be used for engraving every complicated and beautiful solid arts and crafts, but now the software of three-dimensional forming can only produce comparative simple or regular curved shape, a large quantity of beautiful and complicated handicrafts cannot be inspected and painted by manually and the generation and input by computer is still difficult, therefore the three-dimensional scanner is developed. The laser three-dimensional scanner in market is very expensive and the imported mechanical three-dimensional scanner is not only expensive in price but the working size is too small.

Adding a scanning head and proper control software, the HGV type engraving machine can scan the large surface of three-dimensional body and the scanned surface is equivalent to size of engraving. After the data acquired by scanner passing software process, such as enlargement, reduction or deformation, and input to engraving machine, the engraving machine can engrave the figure which is as same as the original or enlarged or reduced or deformed shape of scanned body.
To enlarge or reduce the dimension of object directly
Produce the engraving files

Engrave to shape

Generate BMP picture

To modify by means of emboss software
Produce the engraving files



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