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Design Concept of HGV£º

1 The box structure is adopted for body part can guarantee the highest rigidity of it. Compared with the engraving machine adopting frame structure, the latter can produce larger curve or torsional deformation after stressing and it can directly influence the precision and efficiency of processing.

2 The width of cantilever bracket at HGV portal frame (at where the slide block of guide rail is installed) is very large and can reach up to 260mm. Compared with other engraving machines, some widths of cantilever bracket are only 100mm or more. The width of it is more, the capability of portal frame for resisting deflection is stronger, that is the rigidity and precision are higher. But after the cantilever bracket is widened and in same processing size, the body part, guide rail and lead screw must be lengthened correspondingly, that is to say the cost must be increased.

3 Owing to the box structure is adopted on crossbeam of HGV portal frame, both the highest rigidity and the light in weight are guaranteed. Because the structure of portal frame with fore and aft movement is often adopted on large size engraving machine, the weight of portal frame is lighter, the dynamic property of it is better, that is the higher speed can be adopted in the same precision or the higher precision can be reached in the same speed. Some engraving machines adopt the bathtub construction, that can increase the weight of crossing beam on portal frame, but the rigidity for resisting torsion and curvature is very poor, if the speed is on the high side, the shock is very heavy and the precision cannot be guaranteed.


4 The three guide rails of X£®Y and Z on HGV engraving machine series should adopt the square type spherical guide which roller track can be changeable. This kind of guide rail has long life£¬strong rigidity, smooth operation and the bearing capacity is several times than round guide. During operation, user can adjust the clearance to optimum condition at any moment; therefore the precision of it is higher than round guide. In the condition of not changing roller track, this roller track can be used for three years or more continuously. If the cheap roller track can be changed, this guide rail can be used at least 10 years. After replacing this roller track, the complete precision of engraving machine has no change.

5 The HGV series of engraving machine adopts high speed frequency conversion water-cooled motor. This kind of motor is originally used for precision bearing grinder and compared with the air cooled motor which is used for woodworking machinery, the water-cooled motor has little temperature rise, lower noise and higher precision. In foreign countries, the price of water-cooled motor is 8 times higher than air cooled motor in woodworking machinery, but a water cooling system should be added for adopting water-cooled motor.


6 The driving of spindle motor on HGV series engraving machine is the famous brand frequency conversion module in the world, it has excellent reliability and has no damage records for matched frequency converter since production


7 The HGV series of engraving machine adopt modular control system.

A The system has opening property. Besides interfacing with software of domestic engraving machine, it can also interface with many foreign engraving and numerical control software, such as TYPE3£¬ ARTCAM£¬MASTERCAM£¬PROE and UG£¬ therefore, the function of engraving machine can be extended greatly by the matched software.

B Real Time. This HGV control system adopt the command box which is convenient for operation to control engraving machine, before or during the engraving, the operator can conveniently change cutting rate, speed of main shaft, pause or change height and replace broken cutter at any moment.

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